Work made meaningful. Courtesy of Aatos.

Imagine that you would retire today. Would you be happy with your career?

A lack of meaningfulness is a primary cause of unhappiness at work.

We are building a program built on top of an evidence-based psychological framework (ACT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) with philosophical parallels to stoic thinking.

Slack Integration

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Compelling Content

Strengthen your sense of purpose at your own leisure. Developed in collaboration with psychologists and world-class writers.

Data-Driven Insights

A top-down, anonymized view on your team's well-being and sense of purpose.

We combine deep integration to workplace communication tools like Slack, cutting edge psychological framework and several millennia of human wisdom into one tool.

Value Compass

Meaningfulness comes from living by your values. Our program helps you define your values and nudges you to towards valued living.

How well do your values align with your employer's values?

Workplace happiness

Aatos can help you sustain a happy workplace. Our program comes with reports on your teams wellbeing.

Do you find satisfaction from your work?

“I felt it very relaxing to start the day with the program, take time to yourself and put your thoughts to yourself and looking with a bigger perspective...”

Pilot Study #1 User


Our initial product consists of a digital-only Slack bot to boost employees' sense of valued living, and to increase awareness of team members' values and overall well-being for managers.

Pilot 1

Autumn 2019

20 days program
with focus on stress


Winter 2020

Preliminary Development


Spring 2020

First digital public

Choose a happier workplace.

Coming Spring 2020