Intelligent digital mentoring
for meaningful work and
values-based living

Aatos can help you sustain a happy workplace
right where your team is, whether that’s
Slack or Teams.

We combine deep integration to workplace communication tools, a cutting edge psychological framework, and several millennia of human wisdom into one tool.

Aatos is built on top of an evidence-based psychological framework (ACT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) with philosophical parallels to stoic thinking.
Aatos integrates with the most popular team communication tools out there, like Slack and Teams.
Strengthen your sense of purpose at your own leisure with the personalized Aatos bot.
Remote office hours with Aatos psychologists to get the most out of the program
(coming soon!)
Top-down, anonymized reports
on your team's well-being and sense of purpose.

Choose a happier workplace.
Starting Early 2021.

“I felt it very relaxing to start the day with the program, take time to yourself and put your thoughts to yourself and looking with a bigger perspective...”
- Pilot Study #1 User
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